Behind the Blade Catering LLC was born on Oct 23 2015. It’s Chef Blade Bax Beauty’s brain child to document her journey of transitioning in one chapter of life to a newly inspired way of living and eating. Behind The Blade Catering LLC offers a variety of appealing mouth watering menus, from. Weekly Meal Prep , Private Corporate cooking classes, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Black Tie Private Events. We also create Menus for Competition. Behind The Blade Catering LLC also offers to create an elegant atmosphere where ever you are. Behind The Blade Catering team believes in the food being the star of your show. Blade Bax Beauty will intrigue your palate with her Passion. Behind The Blade Catering LLC will position the concept farm to Personal In Home Gourmet Meal Prep using Local products and locally trained Women Chef’s. Blade Bax Beauty has future plans to expand the concept beyond The Great State of Texas thru a Chef owned and operated Hospitality company.

Meet the Chef

BladeBaxBeauty is on Top of the World

I Love Food!  And, I was born to be a Chef.

I’m a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented Chef who lives to create attractive mouth watering dishes that serve their intended purpose.  I’m inspired by the uniqueness of each individual dish and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence in taste.

I’ve been cooking since I was very young.  It has become my passion after being mentored by my grandmother I choose this rewarding career.  I never lost that passion growing up.  I found the best way to apply it was to continue on my family’s legacy.

My goal is to be the Chef for all your needs.  Having you choose me to design your dish and cater your event means everything.  Having you choose me repeatedly means even more. It’s my honor to produce food that represent your organization.

Cooking and Catering is something that I love and enjoy, whether it’s formal, informational, or personal.  Whether it’s for business or the family, Let me be the Chef you always call on.